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Making An Impact With CSR

At Sparkonix, we think that life has more meaning when lived in service to others. Our dedication to social good has only grown stronger throughout our existence. Throughout the years, the corporation has undertaken a variety of CSR programmes to improve human lives at the grassroots level.

We enable financing and implement social responsibility actions in many fields, in keeping with our aim of making a difference in the life of people. These are some of them:

  • Development of skills and entrepreneurship
  • Children from low-income families may get an education.
  • Financial assistance to qualified non-governmental organisations and social reasons
  • Aid or help for the families of our workers is provided on a case-by-case basis.

Similarly, we strive carefully to decrease our carbon footprint while taking additional measures to create a greener and cleaner future for the globe, acknowledging the critical need to battle climate change.

CSR Committee 

The following people will be on the CSR committee:

  • Ramesh Anant Patwardhan (Chairman)
  • Subhash Vijay Patwardhan (The Board of Directors)
  • Gautam Shriniwas Khare (The Board of Directors)
  • Vinayak Anant Patwardhan (Member)

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We are a Special Purpose EDM machine manufacturer and exporter. We think that extending a helping hand for socio-economic development, environmental conservation, and sustainability are vital components for holistic growth to realise our purpose of maximising wealth for our stakeholders and sustaining economic performance.

Our Objectives

CSR Policy will be interpreted following 135 Section of the 2013 Companies Act, the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, 2014, and any other applicable regulations, rules, notifications or circulars as amended and will, among other things, offer for the following:

  • Establishing a policy for complying with the terms of the Regulations requiring the Company to provide a portion of its income to social initiatives.
  • Using suitable protocols and reporting, ensuring that CSR efforts are carried out in word and spirit.
  • Providing workers with the opportunity to take part in socially responsible projects.
  • All CSR initiatives we do shall follow our CSR policy and the activities outlined in Schedule VII (Companies Act 2013).

Implementation Methodologies

Work directly or in collaboration with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), corporations registered under Companies Act Section 8 or any other incorporated entity that specialises in the activities above align with our zones of emphasis.

Focus Area

  • Promotion of education, including employment-enhancing vocation skills and special education, particularly among children, the elderly, the differently-abled, women and livelihood development programmes.
  • Ending hunger, malnutrition, and poverty and encouraging health care, including sanitation and prevention.
  • Disaster management includes tasks such as rehabilitation, rebuilding and relief.
  • Contribution to the PM CARES, PM National Relief Fund, or any other Central Government fund designated for CSR contributions by the Indian Corporate Affairs Ministry.
  • Promoting women empowerment and gender equality by establishing hostels, daycare centres and homes for orphans and women. 
  • Establishing nursing homes and other facilities for senior citizens.
  • taking steps to address inequalities faced by economically and socially disadvantaged groups.
  • Contributions or funding are given to technology incubators inside academic institutions that the government has authorised.
  • Relief, rebuilding and rehabilitation operations are all part of disaster management.

CSR Funds

The following items would be included in the corpus to carry out the activities above:

  • Two per cent of our average net profit over the previous three financial years.
  • Any excess generated by our CSR efforts will be utilised to expand CSR programmes further, and such surplus profit will not be included in our commercial profit.

Monitoring Process 

Throughout the year, we will receive requests for project finance via its agents. The initiatives will be ranked according to their target areas and possible effect. Our CSR Committee will consider the suggestions and, at its discretion, approve them for implementation. These activities will be overseen by the CSR Committee, which will report to the Board regularly.

Our Competencies

  • A dedicated professional design team is specialising in mechatronics and software.
  • The most up-to-date design software, such as SolidEdge and E-Plan, is backed up by computer infrastructure.
  • Over 50 years of combined machine tool design experience.
  • Kaizen adoption leads to continual improvement and lean manufacturing.
  • Enterprise software that integrates sales, production, customer support and inventory management.
  • Quality systems and products with worldwide standards and certifications are called global standards.
  • Twenty-two thousand square feet of manufacturing, training and office space.
  • We have experienced service engineers who cover the whole country.
  • A countrywide network of agents provides priority service and spares.
  • For service engineers, an integrated mobile-based customer support platform.